Removal of the boundaries of the site in nature

Removal of boundaries to the terrain (in kind) – an event that involves fixing all points of the turning corners of the site. The evidence of the performed procedure is the special signs installed on the site (designations of the established sample).
What is a boundary mark? This is a designation, the appearance and parameters of which were determined by the authorized legislative bodies. With the help of boundary marks, the main points of the turning corners of the site are fixed on the ground (in this case, it is customary to mention the concept of “nature”). Often the cost of the state boundary signs themselves is large enough to be used in work on small private territories. In this case, specialists can use other types of designations to fix the corners (each turning point on the perimeter is designated).
Before proceeding with the procedure, a cadastral survey is carried out, a land management project is drawn up and technical documentation for the territory is prepared. Territory data must be officially entered into the Land Registry.

In what cases is it necessary to carry out the removal of borders

The procedure may be required in the following situations:

  • if previously placed boundary designations were lost or damaged;
  • if it is planned to start construction work;
  • during the installation of the territory fencing;
  • in the event of boundary disputes (if the border between neighboring territories is disputed);
  • when drilling wells;
  • when concluding a purchase / sale agreement, transferring rights to a new owner.

The need to draw boundaries from the design documentation in kind may arise in other cases. In any situation, if you have any doubts about the appropriateness of this procedure, contact a specialist for advice.

Removal of site boundaries in nature at Aratta Geo

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