Land excavation

To perform any operations with land, a voluminous package of documents is needed. It will also include a copy of the land plot – a copy obtained as a result of topographic and geodetic research. Copying is a fragment of the area plan, which allows you to get detailed information about the state of the site and the surrounding area. The plan contains information about the location of the object, its relief, the presence and features of communications (ground, underground), architectural structures, as well as clearly marked boundaries. Thus, having studied the document, you can get a detailed idea of ​​​​the site and its content.

Why do you need a copy of the plan

Documentation can be presented in several versions depending on the purpose. Among the possible solutions are copying from the master plan, from the cadastral plan, copying the situational plan. The choice of document type is made in accordance with the purpose of the project.
When may a topographical excavation of a land plot be needed? It is necessary to order a document in such cases:

  • if it is planned to lease the site;
  • before starting the connection of engineering communications;
  • for registration of permits for construction;
  • at the conclusion of transactions of purchase / sale, land privatization;
  • to legalize the erected object;
  • when developing design solutions.

What is the difference between copying from a general plan or copying from a technical passport from a topographic and geodetic plan? First of all, by the fact that the plan reflects the general situation on the ground, and the topographic copying of the site is only an important fragment in this situation.
What does copying the situational plan of the area include? The document must include:

  • location of the allotment and neighboring plots;
  • dimensions and characteristics of the dress;
  • the passage of the sewer system, water supply and other communications;
  • if available, artificial and natural reservoirs.

The situational plan will tell the specialist studying it all the most important information about the territory and will help to imagine the general picture of the area without going to the site.

Topographic copying: the best price and prompt execution

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