About company

«ARATTA GEO» LLC is a geological engineering company, which performs complex engineering surveys (including topographic, geodetic, geological, hydrometeorological and geophysical) for industrial and civil construction objects of all categories of complexity on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

The company comprises of Geotechnical and Testing certified laboratories.

Our Geotechnical laboratory is fully equipped for testing soils and groundwater. It functions according to national standards of Ukraine and standards of other countries (EN, BS, ASTM and others).

Our Testing laboratory is fully equipped for testing constructions, construction materials and products. It performs input, output and operational quality control of construction (quality of soil compaction, monitoring of landslide-prone areas, ditches, sediment and deformation of buildings, etc.).

Thus, ARATTA GEO provides comprehensive support of construction ranging from engineering surveys to quality control of construction and installation.

Our activities are primarily focused on the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of roads and road structures, in particular: transport interchanges, bridges, overpasses, skyways. In addition, we participate in the development of projects for the construction of wind and solar power plants, airports, residential buildings and complexes, subways, tunnels and other infrastructure components.

Our company also has experience in organizing and performing engineering surveys in water areas of ports, rivers, reservoirs and on a coastal part of seas.

Our enterprise is equipped with modern machinery and devices for successful solving of routine, complex and unique problems in the field of geological engineering.

One of the components of success of ARATTA GEO is our team of professionals. We have high qualifications, deep knowledge and vast experience in completing large scale projects.

ARATTA GEO holds all appropriate certificates and permits required by the legislation of Ukraine.

Our customers are domestic and foreign companies. Our partners in the field of design, construction, scientific and technical cooperation are the leading research institutes of Ukraine, as well as large construction holdings.

We would be glad to cooperate with you.


Volodymyr Zinchenko