Topographic survey of the site

Geodetic surveys – a mandatory measure that allows you to explore the land and make a detailed plan of the area, marking its boundaries. Geodesy includes several stages, among which a special place is occupied by topographic surveying.

Topography – a set of engineering and geodetic works aimed at obtaining the most accurate plan of the land. All the obtained data about the study area are plotted on a map and are designed to accurately reflect the situation on the ground. Depending on the scale of the survey, the survey of the area can be divided into several categories:

  • sub-tree topographic survey, which is carried out in order to determine the location of all trees on the site (used in landscaping);
  • ultra-large shooting (scale 1: 200) is used to accurately display the parameters of buildings in the area;
  • topographic survey “five hundred” (scale 1: 500) is used to make a plan of all communications passing through the area;
  • 1: 2000 topographic plan is used to compile plans and maps of small settlements and large industrial facilities.

Why do you need a topographic plan? Why is it a prerequisite for starting any work on the ground?

The task of surveying

Mandatory stage of site geodesy – surveying to compile topographic maps and plans. Execution of topographic works allows to obtain a permit for further operation of the site (documentation is provided to the executive body), but also to display the object in detail on the master plan.

Today, surveying is not possible without the use of modern equipment and computer programs. Thanks to them, the territory is displayed on paper with maximum accuracy, and it is possible to create both two-dimensional and 3D models. Topography on a large scale allows you to make detailed landscaping projects, drawings for construction, to modify master plans.

Topography: stages of work

Land topographic surveying of the site is a service provided by Aratta Geo at an affordable price in Kyiv, Kyiv region throughout Ukraine and abroad. The cost of surveying is determined individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the work. You can get acquainted with the prices in the price list on the website, and our experts will help to calculate the price. What is included in the set of works?

We will study the terms of reference, draw up a work plan, agree on the cost of topographic survey and enter into a service agreement.

At the preparatory stage, all documents at the site will be studied, as well as a work permit will be obtained.

Field research includes field trips, site reconnaissance, and surveys.

The obtained data are systematized, analyzed, the ordering of the topographic and geodetic plan is used.

On the basis of all received data the final report is made and transferred to the customer.

The result of the survey can be presented both in traditional paper form and in electronic format.

How to order land survey in Aratta Geo

Kyiv and other settlements of Ukraine – places where we conduct topography on the most favorable terms for the customer:

  • the cost of work is available;
  • shooting is carried out in the shortest possible time;
  • the results have maximum accuracy;
  • the report is provided in a format convenient for the customer.

You can order a topographic survey from Aratta Geo or leave a request on the website. After agreeing on the details of cooperation, we will sign an agreement and set a date for research.