Site surveying in Aratta Geo

It is impossible to start the construction of any building or land operations without geodetic surveys, and this moment is noted in the legislation. Geodesy is an obligatory stage of preparation for development and for its implementation it is best to turn to professionals. Aratta Geo provides turnkey geodetic analysis with all necessary documentation.

What is site geodesy

Geodetic surveys on the site is a set of measures aimed at carrying out calculations and measurements of the parameters of the structure and the site for construction. The purpose of the research is to identify factors that can affect the construction process itself and the further state of the building.
Geodetic research will allow you to determine the exact coordinates of the site, draw up a correct topographic plan, eliminate or minimize the risks of engineering errors. Geodesy will allow you to timely find all the problem areas of the site and correct them.

Why do you need land surveying

Why explore the land? The work of surveyors has several goals:

  • determination of the optimal location of the building in relation to the existing terrain;
  • determination of the need for additional land management works and their scope;
  • assistance in creating a competent landscape design, laying a drainage system.

Geodesy will make it possible to calculate the best option for placing a building relative to the cardinal points, find the optimal location in relation to communications, determine the relief of the site and the type of soil, and calculate the distance to nearby buildings and structures.
What does land surveying include? This is a preparatory stage – the study of all available documentation for the area. After preparing and working with archival data, specialists begin field work – taking measurements on the ground, determining the boundaries of the site and establishing them. The main stage of field work is geodetic survey. At the stage of processing the received data, a topographic map of the area is developed, a detailed plan of the site is created, its coordinates are indicated, and boundaries are determined. All drawn up documents and applications are attached to a detailed report on the work performed.

How to order land surveying in Kiev and Ukraine

Before ordering site geodesy in Kiev, the owners strive to get answers to the questions: what is the cost of work on the site, how quickly are they carried out, how will they be carried out? You can get detailed information about the service “Geodesy” on your site from the consultants of the company “Aratta Geo”, the price of work is indicated in the price list on the website – you can also get it from our managers.
The geography of our work – Kiev, Kiev region, all of Ukraine. If necessary, our specialists will perform geodetic surveys outside the country. It is easy to order studies – call us or leave your contact information on the website. We will call you back to agree on the details of the work.