Soil Geology: An Efficient Approach to Construction

Any construction should start the same way – it is necessary to conduct a geological engineering analysis (research, survey), which will tell everything about the soil, groundwater in the construction site and allow them to be carried out as efficiently as possible. You should not pay for extra cubes of concrete and reinforcement – just follow the recommendations given by the results of soil geology and build the structure correctly.
You can explore the site, in particular, the soil on it, at any time of the year. Seasonality does not affect the results of the study, but may affect the complexity of the work and, accordingly, the cost of the service. Contact the experts to clarify and agree on the details, especially if geology is needed in the winter.
What does soil geology provide? The work is aimed at studying the characteristics of the soil and their impact on the structure. Exploration is carried out by drilling wells – usually there are several, the depth allows you to take samples from different layers, as well as explore groundwater. The depth of drilling largely depends on the terms of reference, in particular, on the type of structure planned for construction.

How to order the geology of the site?

In order for each sample taken to bring the most reliable information about the site, it is necessary to follow the sequence of actions. The optimal solution is to conduct a preliminary topographical survey of the site and put a building project on the plan. The price of geological and engineering work will depend on the characteristics of the soil and the complexity of the order. You can see the price list for services on the website or call us to clarify the cost, taking into account individual data.

Why is soil geology important?

We carry out work on soil geology at affordable prices throughout Ukraine – Kiev, Kiev region and other regions of the country. If necessary, our specialists will perform work outside of Ukraine. We carry out a comprehensive study of the geological conditions of the site, including field, laboratory, cameral studies. An integrated approach to conducting soil geology will allow:

  • determine the optimal type of foundation for construction;
  • accurately calculate the foundation of the future building;
  • draw up a draft of the drainage system and septic tank;
  • calculate slope stability;
  • design retaining walls.

The result of geology for the customer is a complete picture of soils and groundwater at the site, which allows you to ideally calculate the foundation and other elements of the project without spending extra money and wasting time.