Turnkey well drilling

Well drilling is a turnkey service provided by Aratta Geo. The work is carried out in order to detect aquifers, the subsequent extraction of soil and strengthening the walls of the resulting well.
A well can be drilled by various methods, the choice of which is determined by the characteristics of groundwater – the depth at which the aquifer is located, the structure and nature of the soil.
When dry and soft soil is found, which is dominated by clay and sand, drilling in most cases is carried out using bits with augers. It is auger drilling in water development that is considered the most effective today and is most often used in well drilling. This method makes it possible to perform work at depths of 60–100 meters, but is not suitable for the development of hard and rocky soils.
If it is necessary to drill a water well in rocky and hard rocks, a rotary-rotary installation is used. This equipment allows you to work at a depth of 300-500 meters.
For drilling at shallow depths, a different technology is used, which involves dropping a heavy, pointed object resembling a glass from a height. This method is quite costly and time-consuming, but it is still relevant for drilling wells under water at shallow depths.

Drilling of artesian wells

One of the most demanded and popular services is the drilling of wells for the extraction of artesian water. This is the best solution for water supply of private houses, cottages, summer cottages. The consumer receives:

  • fast and inexpensive provision of water supply;
  • stable water supply without interruptions and shutdowns;
  • a guarantee of purity and safety of water, the absence of harmful substances in it.

Water from artesian wells is clean, fresh, passed through a natural filter (limestone layer of soil), due to which it is free from oversaturation with salts and iron. A well-organized artesian well means high productivity all year round and always tasty water for domestic use.

Well drilling cost

Depending on the method used for drilling wells under water, the cost of the work will also change. The service is provided by us on a turnkey basis – Aratta Geo specialists perform all preparatory work, carry out drilling of wells for water, their strengthening, installation of a reservoir part for water supply, moreover, drilling can be ordered not only at the place of registration of the company (Kyiv, Ukraine), but also in other areas of the country and beyond. How much does turnkey drilling in Ukraine cost – the price depends on several factors. You can get acquainted with the prices in the price list on the website or by calling us.
How to order drilling of a well for water in Kiev or any other locality in Ukraine. Find out the price of work and discuss the details? Call or write to us – the application can be left on the website or by phone.