Geodesy of roads in Aratta Geo

Geodetic analysis of roads is one of the services provided by Aratta Geo specialists. We conduct a set of geodetic surveys to make the construction of highways and railways as safe and profitable as possible.

Why do you need road geodesy? The work allows for a detailed study of soil features and characteristics, analysis of groundwater and its properties, measure all landscape parameters, make profiles and routes, mark turning points of railways and highways, conduct topographic surveys and develop appropriate schemes and plans. For geodetic research we use modern high-precision equipment and measuring instruments. The practical experience of our specialists allows us to conduct geodesy with high accuracy in the shortest possible time.

Geodesy in road construction

Road or railway – objects, the construction of which requires the preparation of the most detailed plans and schemes. Road geodetic analysis includes several stages to ensure the greatest accuracy of the results:

  • study of all available documents on the area, archival data and terms of reference, which results in determining the optimal strategy for the search;
  • field work, which begins with a field trip and includes research;
  • laboratory processing of the received data and drawing up of the reporting documentation.

The result of geodesy, in the process of which the future highway or railway track is investigated – the final report in the format of graphic and calculation documents with appendices and explanatory notes provided to the customer.

How to Order Road Geodesy in Aratta Geo

Geodesy of roads is a mandatory stage of work on road or railway construction. You can order geodetic road research in Aratta Geo – just call us or leave a request on the site. The price list indicates the cost of all types of work. The price depends on the type of geodetic survey and the characteristics of the area.

Geodetic surveys are mandatory and construction will not be possible without official research results. Save time on preparation for work and order geodesy on time – we will perform all stages of research in the shortest possible time.