Geodetic engineering surveys are usually performed pior to the start of any construction. These surveys provide basis of the future project.

Our company provides geodetic services for industrial and civil construction facilities. Those include:

– Creation of reference and local geodetic networks;

– Topographic surveys and mapping;

– Engineering geodesy;

– Support of construction;

– Geodetic works to control the deformation of buildings, structures and elements of their structures (geodetic monitoring);

– Support of geological and geophysical works on site and binding of profiles and probing points;

– Hydrographic engineering surveys on rivers, lakes and seas.

The company has modern instruments and equipment from leading manufacturers (Trimble Navigation (USA), Leica Geosystems (Switzerland), Sokkia (Japan), etc.) and performs engineering and geodetic surveys for industrial and civil construction of all categories of complexity throughout Ukraine and abroad, including geodetic support of construction and monitoring of the condition of buildings, structures and geological environment.

Creation of reference and local geodetic networks

Geodetic reference network is a system of fixed points on the ground, which serve as reference points for topographic surveying and other geodetic measurements in the field. The creation of a reference geodetic network is carried out taking into account its further use in construction and operation of a facility.

Topographic survey and mapping

Topographic surveying and mapping involves tproduction of plans and maps of various scales, contour diagrams and other map materials for project development at various stages of design and global planning.

Geodesy engineering

Geodesy engineering includes geodetic survey, breakdown and control of geometric shapes and sizes of created objects on the ground.

Support of construction of the object

Geodetic support of construction is a set of measurements, calculations and constructions in scaled drawings, which ensures the correct and accurate placement of buildings and structures, as well as the construction of their structural and planning elements in accordance with the geometric parameters of the project.

Geodetic works on control of deformations of buildings, constructions and elements of their constructions (geodetic monitoring)

Geodetic monitoring includes measurement of deformations (observation of subsidence) of the foundations of buildings and structures and deformations of the land’s surface (monitoring of deformation and landslide processes). These works are performed in order to determine the actual quantitative values of deformations and compare them with the calculated values, to identify the causes and degree of danger of deformations for trouble-free operation of buildings and structures, to take timely actions to countermeasure emerging deformations or eliminate their consequences.

Hydrographic engineering surveys on rivers, lakes and seas

Hydrographic surveys are performed to develop project documentation for various types of hydraulic, bridge structures, dredging in difficult areas for navigation, as well as water approaches to ports, piers, for industrial enterprises and other water facilities. This type of work is performed on areas of limited length.

Geodetic research