Surveyor services in Ukraine

Geodesy of the site – a set of studies, the results of which are necessary for further construction work on the site. The service of a surveyor helps to solve various engineering tasks related to land management, landscaping, laying of engineering communications, operation, construction and reconstruction of structures. Geodetic analysis will help to avoid many mistakes and reduce risks in the implementation of projects to a minimum.

When is the call of a surveyor relevant?

In what cases is it necessary to call a surveyor? Services will be needed at all stages of construction work, in particular:

  • at the preliminary stage for obtaining geodetic foundations, topographic survey, drawing up a topographic plan of the area;
  • after the development and approval of the construction project – in preparation for the breakdown and during the breakdown of the axes of the building itself, the calculation of land management work, the breakdown of the foundation;
  • for executive survey at each of the construction stages – from laying the foundation to the installation of the roof.

After completion of construction work, the surveyor conducts a final survey of the area and draws up the appropriate document necessary for putting the building into operation. It is important to control the site at all stages of work – this approach will allow timely recording of deviations and correcting them, which will significantly reduce the cost of costs in the future.
The services of a surveyor in Kiev will also be needed for cadastral surveying. In this case, geodesy will provide an opportunity to obtain detailed data on the coordinates of the allotment, its area, and territorial boundaries. Based on the data obtained, a cadastral plan or map will be drawn up.
The call of a surveyor in Ukraine is also relevant for the removal of the boundaries of a land plot in nature. The placement of landmarks and the preparation of relevant documentation is a mandatory step for any land transactions.

Services of a surveyor in Kiev: price and features of ordering work

Kiev, Kiev region and all of Ukraine – we accept applications for geodetic surveys in the complex and provide individual geodetic services anywhere in the country. To clarify the details and agree on the timing of the departure of the surveyor, leave a request on the website or call us. Geodesy for you at an affordable price and with strict observance of the agreed deadlines.