Testing laboratory

Our Testing laboratory is fully equipped for testing constructions, construction materials and products. It performs input, output and operational quality control of construction in the process of construction of industrial and civil facilities, inspection of existing roads and road infrastructure.

The laboratory has stationary research facilities and a mobile unit, which can be relocated directly to the construction site when required. Given the constant development of new methods and equipment, our company aims to update equipment and devices in a timely manner for the fullest compliance with Ukrainian and international standards.

The complex of surveys, which is carried out by our laboratory, completely satisfies all regulatory requirements in the field of industrial and civil construction. It includes the following:determination of physical parameters of  bulk materials for preparation of concrete and mix;

– determination of the optimal soil moisture when laying the embankment in the body;

– chemical analysis of water for suitability for concrete preparation;

– special studies of soils during construction;

– checking the construction of the road surface of existing roads;

– laboratory studies of building materials and structures:

– quality control of the main indicators of construction materials, e.g:

  • concrete;
  • armature;
  • mixtures;
  • brick;
  • rubble;
  • sand;
  • other materials.
  • quality control of soil compaction of artificial bases:
  • embankments of highways;
  • dams;
  • foundations.
  • quality control of hidden concrete works:
  • piles;
  • concrete grids.


  • control of the main indicators of physical and mechanical properties of soils, their compliance with the project aims;
  • quality control of soil compaction, artificial foundations (embankments, roads, dams, foundations).