Breakdown of building axes: all stages of geodetic work in Aratta Geo

The breakdown of the axes of the building is one of the main stages of geodetic work. Only after the completion of all activities on the site will it be possible to erect a building or structure or perform any other actions with the ground. What is this stage? Its purpose is to transfer the engineering object from the plan area. Why is this necessary? Accurate and competent execution of the transfer will ensure the greatest strength and reliability of the future structure. Bringing boundaries into nature and dividing the axes of buildings are most relevant in dense buildings, where the building is allocated a limited area of ​​land, not far from other buildings. Professionally performed calculations and their accurate transfer to the area will minimize the risk of accidents that threaten not only the building, but also the surrounding architectural compositions and people’s lives.

How is the geodetic breakdown of the axes of the building

How to make the axis of the building? As for geodesy, the real area is called “nature”, and the process can be referred to as the removal of the boundaries of nature. The first stage of cooperation in the implementation of this task is a detailed study of the terms of reference, drawing up a work plan and concluding a service contract. The cost of transferring the axes of the building in kind is calculated, the terms of work are indicated. Further work includes:

  • drawing up a plan for the division of the axes of the structure;
  • execution of removal of axes – creation of a contour construction near;
  • performing the removal of the axes to determine the exact location of each of the elements of the structure.

Detailed removal of borders is carried out by gradual division of the main and transverse axes. The accuracy of application of these elements on the territory further determines the bearing capacity of the foundation and its resistance to loads. The result of the work is the provision to the customer of the act of division of axes with the indication of the performed reconnaissances.

Geodesy of buildings: removal of axes at the best cost

Aratta Geo provides site surveying services, including the breakdown of building axes in Kyiv and other settlements of Ukraine. For our clients:

  • affordable cost of services – the cost is determined taking into account the terms of reference;
  • operational execution;
  • high accuracy of axial breakdown;
  • professional assistance and consultation of surveyors.

You can order the service or leave a request on the site. After agreeing on all the details, our specialists will perform the work in the shortest possible time.