Five hundred plot of land

The five-hundred plan is the most requested document by clients of geodetic services. This is the name of the classic topographic survey and plan, made on a scale of 1: 500. The popularity of this particular version of the documentation is quite justified: “five hundred” is required when submitting documents to most government agencies and boards, whose activities are somehow related to land management, design or construction activities .

Why do we need a topographic survey at a scale of 1:500

A topographic survey of five hundred allows you to get a detailed plan on a convenient scale, which will display everything:

  • relief features;
  • sizes, dimensions;
  • buildings and structures;
  • engineering Communication.

Such a plan is necessary if you are going to sell the land, start construction on it or solve other land management tasks. But in most cases, a scale of 1:500 is required for design before construction work.
A five-hundred plot of land will be required, and after the completion of all work – the delivery of a finished facility or the receipt of title documents for the land also require the provision of such a plan.
You will need to order five hundred in any case, regardless of what you are going to build – a small country house or a multi-storey building, a road or a production workshop. It will be possible to legalize an object only if there is a professionally developed topographic plan.
To compile five hundred, geodetic work is carried out. they may include horizontal and vertical surveys using a total station, level and other equipment. Determining the exact parameters can be carried out using aerial photography, satellite navigation systems and other engineering geodesy tools. The finished plan can be presented both in the classic paper version and in electronic format.
The considered topographic plan can be presented in two versions:

  • with the application of only the main parameters, relief characteristics and immovable objects;
  • with the application of additional communications, both ground and underground (geo-base).

The plan must be updated periodically – only in this case, after making any changes, it will remain relevant.

Order a five hundred plot of land from Aratta Geo

If you want to buy or sell land, start construction or perform any other operations on the territory, you cannot do without a five hundred plan. It is easy to order it: call us or leave a request on the website and we will contact you as soon as possible. Specialists of “Aratta Geo” will qualitatively and without delay perform all the necessary work and prepare for you a topographic plan of the area that exactly meets the required parameters. For our clients – a comfortable price of services and short terms for solving the tasks. We carry out work in the city of Kiev and in the Kiev region. Departure of specialists to other settlements is possible by agreement.