Aerial photography services

Aerial photography of a land plot is a service that involves the creation of photographs of a certain territory from a certain height using an aerial camera installed on an aircraft. Aerial photography of Kiev is one of the activities of the Aratta Geo company. You can order a study on favorable terms – affordable cost, fast completion of work strictly on time. We will relieve you of the need to waste time on solving bureaucratic issues and provide all the necessary documents for further transactions with land or real estate.
Why is aerial photography necessary? This study makes it possible to provide the customer with objective spatial data on the study area, to draw up paper and electronic maps, terrain plans, topographic plans for a specific land allotment.
Today, aerial photography in Ukraine is carried out using modern unmanned aerial vehicles, which made possible high detailing of the results and accuracy of the data obtained. Excellent graphic, geometric, coordinating components of the survey made this method the most popular in many industries, in addition to construction. Aerial photography services are used by both private customers and large developers.

Aerial photography at an affordable price at Aratta Geo

What is the price of the services of Aratta Geo specialists? Geodesy, site geology and aerial photography can be performed in the shortest possible time, and their cost will depend on the terrain and the urgency of the work. You can place an order on the website or call us for details. After agreeing on the nuances of aerial photography, the price will be indicated in full without subsequent changes.

Why is aerial photography necessary?

How to capture the area with the greatest accuracy and detail? The easiest and most comfortable way to do this is from the air. The results of the work can be applied in different areas of activity:

  • for compiling maps, topographic plans, generating information about the relief of the territory;
  • to obtain information about the condition of roads and railways;
  • to assess the state of water and forest resources, field plantings;
  • for monitoring objects in the oil and gas and energy complexes;
  • to prevent emergencies and eliminate their consequences.

We provide services in the city of Kiev, Kiev region and other regions of the country (Ukraine) as agreed. After clarifying the details, our specialists will go to the place to carry out the work.