Surveys for construction

Surveys for construction is one of the primary stages of any construction work. Preliminary studies make it possible to calculate the economic and technical components in the development of projects and further construction work. Construction surveys are the best solution for obtaining forecasts of possible changes in an object under the influence of environmental factors and vice versa – predicting changes in the surrounding world after the construction of the object and as a result of its operation.
Survey work for construction is carried out strictly before the process of erecting a building or any other object begins.

Survey work in construction: what to consider

The construction of apartment buildings, private buildings, industrial and commercial facilities – any construction requires a preliminary study of the area on which the work will be carried out. Even a small cottage or similar object cannot be built without a preliminary study of the geology and geodesy of the site. A full range of engineering surveys for obtaining a building permit includes the results of geological and geodetic surveys of the area.
Geological research is carried out with the main goal – the study of soil and groundwater, the depth of their occurrence. The result will make it possible to calculate the project in such a way that the finished building will not be subject to deformation during seasonal changes in the water level or under the action of soil shear.
Geodetic survey work during construction allows a comprehensive assessment of the terrain and conditions for work at the construction site. Professionally conducted geodesy will solve such problems as:

  • drawing up a plan of the territory;
  • removal of boundaries in nature;
  • selection of the optimal site for construction;
  • assessment of the environmental situation;
  • design;
  • drawing up a topographic plan.

Like geological surveys, geodetic engineering surveys for construction are carried out in several stages and include preparatory work, field and laboratory studies, office surveys and the preparation of a final report.

Surveys for construction: price and features of ordering a service

In Ukraine, the cost of engineering surveys for construction, including if the object is linear, varies depending on several nuances, including the area of ​​​​the territory, relief features, the urgency of the work and other individual characteristics of the order. The service is provided by specialists with practical and professional experience – the Aratta Geo company will perform private engineering surveys for construction without delay and in full compliance with the norms and standards established by law. Ordering a service in Kiev is easy – leave a request on the website or call us. All contact details are posted on the resource pages.